Residential Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you may have a new home with new insulation, or an old home with existing insulation, what you do have may not be enough. Elite Insealation is a home re-insulation company that adequately insulates homes in and around Kaufman, TX so that temperatures your home can stand the test of the coldest winter and Texas’ hottest summers. Home re-insulating means that we will skillfully update your home’s insulation so that your home is best protected and best able to maintain the temperatures you want. Home re-insulation also increases the savings on your utilities. Up to 50%*!

At Elite Insealation Systems, we have two goals:  The first is better preparing your home to keep you comfortable, and the second is to cut down on energy consumption across the Dallas TX and the surrounding area. In turn, saves you money!

*savings vary.


With over 13 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project.

  • Over 13 years experience
  • Highly trained team
  • Using the best products on the market


What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to using Icynene spray foam, read more about them HERE

What does the warranty cover?

It’s pretty extensive, read more about it HERE.

What rebates are available?

Great question! They change periodically, so head over to the Icynene website to see what’s available in your area.

Why Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation is a complete, high-performance energy efficiency solution that helps:

  • differentiate homes through energy efficiency, performance and functionality
  • deliver on comfort
  • improve indoor air quality
  • create quieter living spaces


Whether it’s state, federal or municipal credits, Icynene has partnered with EcoRebates to find all the current rebates and tax incentives for spray foam. With the various types of rebates and credits available, you can capture incentives that lower construction costs when using spray foam, to help make it a standard in your home.

Simply click the link to enter your zip code and discover the rebates and credits available!


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